Properties That Complement The Laurentians’ Natural Environment

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Famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright believed building designs should complement and blend in with nature. His approach to architecture was cutting edge in its time, and is still relevant today. He always married the building with the site, believing “hill and house should live together, each the happier for the other.” Carignan Immobilier, an ethical land developer, holds the same belief and offers for sale lands where you can build your own home according to Wright’s philosophy.

Land development services to make the most of your home and its natural setting

The Laurentians are an ideal place for a country home. If mountain living is your dream, remember that planning such lands for maximum enjoyment presents unique challenges requiring equally unique skills. Carignan Immobilier has the expertise needed, with an experience in the Laurentians spanning more than 30 years. Their services include:

  • planning to make the home fit the setting;
  • finding the best construction site for your home so that you can fully enjoy the stunning views;
  • planning your driveway;
  • obtaining building permits;
  • clearing and excavating the site;
  • minimizing disruption to the environment;
  • landscaping to complement the natural environment.

With the help of Carignan Immobilier, you can create your own retreat in the outdoors, in the perfect natural setting.

Lakefront views in a stunning setting in the Laurentians

Domain OgilvieDomain Lake LorangerAltitude 612 and Lake Limoges Reserve are a must if you are looking to experience country life in harmony with nature. Carefully planned, these communities have strong environmental protection bylaws implemented to ensure the protection of the environment and preserve the beautiful forests. You will enjoy private hiking trails, a tennis court and a beach area, in addition to spectacular sunsets in your high-altitude wooded lot. You can live in a low density environment, surrounded by nature.

Contact Carignan Immobilier, trusted real estate broker in the Laurentians, to make your dream home in the country come to life.