What You Should Know About Living In The Laurentians – Top FAQs

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The Laurentians cover a gorgeous natural region surrounded by forests and mountains. Located just north of Montreal, the area provides a comfortable, eco-friendly life for all types of families. The infrastructure is well-developed in the southern area, with many different types of housing, from single-family homes and villas to condos. If you love being in nature while enjoying urban amenities, the Laurentians hold the home of your dreams.

1. What are typical prices for land for sale in the Laurentians?

Land for sale in the Laurentians ranges from $60,000 and up; it depends on where the land is located within the region. Since lakefront properties are rare and exclusive, they cost more than properties that are not along the water. The size and type of land can determine to price. Working with a real estate agent who knows the community can help you find your dream home location.

2. What are the municipal services available for properties in the Laurentians?

There are numerous municipalities and over 80 cities in the Laurentians that offer commercial and residential services. As the region grows, the infrastructure is becoming more developed. More businesses are investing in the area, causing more jobs to be created. The southern region is becoming more urbanized with many opportunities across multiple business sectors like aeronautics, tourism, health, forestry and agriculture.

3. How close are the essential services from properties in the Laurentians?

Although the infrastructure in the Laurentians is improving, life in the mountains is much different from that of the city. It may take you 20 minutes or more to travel to essential services, but that depends on where you live and what services are available. You may not be able to make a last-minute dash for milk when you run out, but the views from your home certainly make up for the trouble.

4. How easy is it to get around in the Laurentians throughout the year?

Most municipalities have well-developed roads that are easy to navigate when the weather is nice. During the winter months, the roads are swiftly cleared of snow. Driving is in fact very easy with no traffic jam interference. Many residential projects within the Laurentians have a winter strategy to clear the roads rapidly, ensuring residents aren’t stranded for days when the snow piles up.

5. Should I look for a cottage or for my primary residence in the Laurentians? 

Only you can decide your real estate goals. Some people use their home in the Laurentians on the weekends only, while others choose to make it their permanent residence. The advent of remote working has greatly influenced the choice of living full time in the region. Discuss your real estate needs with an experienced real estate agent in the Laurentians who can help you find the perfect property that fits your dreams.

Find your home in the mountains

Spectacular sunsets, architecture that blends into the environment and beautiful forests await when you buy property for sale in the Laurentians. Contact Carignan Immobilier, a trusted real estate brokerage, to find your dream location in the mountains.