WSI EStrategies Increases Laurentian Real Estate Broker’s Exposure

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Laurentide, Québec July 2017. Storied Laurentian real estate broker, Jean-Pierre Carignan has more than 30 years in the business and required a website upgrade to highlight the picturesque territory as well as detail his areas of expertise. WSI eStrategies in Ottawa was contracted for this feat and the result is a fully bilingual real estate site that is modern, fresh and most importantly, provides a wealth of information for potential clients.

Expanded Content with Dual Language Functionality for Laurentians Real Estate Broker

Jean-Pierre Carignan’s clients range from those seeking a luxury mountain getaway to developers seeking land tracts in the Laurentians. With many of these clients being both English and/or French speaking, it was paramount to deliver plenty of valuable information in both languages. Focus was placed on expanding existing content and offering the full range of services for website visitors while keeping loading times for pages to an absolute minimum.

The second challenge addressed by the WSI eStrategies development team was creating property listings that go beyond a simple photograph and brief description, yet load quickly for users and are easy to navigate. For a real estate broker who works with clients worldwide, property listings also have to be more interactive and include plenty of detail. The new listings include such features as:

  • Scenic slideshows
  • Site maps
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Sorting options

With expanded French and English content, enhanced property listings and a new page detailing Jean-Pierre’s extensive development consulting services, the launch of Carignan Immobilier will give visitors a unique and superior user experience. Visit the new site to see for yourself!