4 Reasons To Make The Laurentians Home

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4 Reasons to Make the Laurentians Home

Does the idea of waking up every morning amidst towering mountains, surrounded by beautiful aged forests and the sound of a stream cascading over rocks sound like a dream to you? You can make that dream come true, and it’s only a drop in the bucket according to real estate brokers for the Laurentians. Located within a 45 minute to 2 hour drive from Montreal, the Laurentians offer a lifestyle like no other. Here are just four of the many reasons to make the Laurentians your home.

The Laurentians Offer an Unparalleled Nature Experience
Nature lovers find paradise within the boundaries of the Laurentians, with stellar mountain views, dense, mature hardwood and evergreen forests, and plenty of waterways meandering their way through the rugged and unspoiled landscape. You’ll also find that the significant land mass is geologically unique, including thousands of beautiful lakes.

Steeped in Historical Significance
The Laurentian Highlands drew the attention of early settlers seeking fortune from new land and new opportunities. It was not long before lumber became a fortune-maker with the waterways providing transport to Quebec City and Montreal. You can spend countless days touring the historical sites and attractions that are such an integral part of Canadian history.

Experience everything the Great Outdoors has to Offer
Whether your passion is flying down a mountain on skis or a snowboard, fishing in winding creeks or hiking virtually endless trails, you’ll never run out of incredible outdoor experiences. You can build your dream home in relative seclusion while remaining in close proximity to ski resorts, bike trails and organized park recreation areas.

Immerse Yourself in Culture
Very few areas offer the escapism of your own piece of nature where you can build your home while being only a short drive away so you can immerse yourself into the culture and dining experiences of big cities. There are incredible dining experiences for the most refined palates as well as family-style eateries with a focus on historical foods.

Making the Laurentians your home offers a lifestyle that you would not be able to match anywhere else. It is ideal for people who want to be surrounded by nature as well as for those who desire close proximity to outdoor activities and cultural experiences. Your dream home location awaits! Contact Carignan Real Estate today and
allow us to put our 30 years of experience to your service and make your dream a reality!