Four Tips For Buying Land In The Laurentians

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The mountains can be magical place. If you dream of living surrounded by nature, far away from the noise, lights and pollution of big urban centres, you should consider the properties at Domain Lake LorangerAltitude 612 and Lake Limoges Reserve, with their majestic forests, magnificent lake and lively streams.

Although mountain living is sure to be picturesque and rewarding, it is not to be taken lightly. To make sure you’re fully prepared to make your home in the mountains, here are four key tips to take into account.

Know your goals

Life in the mountains can be idyllic if you know beforehand of the challenges and advantages to living in a remote area. Also, keep in mind that buying a home as a permanent residence isn’t the same as buying a property as an investment – both require outlining what you want, while being fully aware of your future new surroundings. So if you’re thinking of buying land in the Laurentians, set your goals and plan accordingly.

Get a feel for the community

Understanding the community you would join is essential. Chat with the locals and talk to a real estate broker in the Laurentians to learn about the region’s environmental concerns and legal or political issues. Ask about particular weather conditions, and the cost and availability of utilities and services. Get to know the people and the surroundings to make sure you will be happy in the chosen area.

Be prepared for mountain living

Mountain life is very different from urban living. Properties in the Laurentians are often remote, designed to give you privacy and space. With a bit of organisation, by planning property maintenance and taking into account that stores and shops are farther away and that inclement weather may make transportation difficult, it’s easy to adapt to this reality. Grounds maintenance and snow removal are offered at Domain Lake Loranger, for example, but a heavy snow fall may see you stuck at home for a few days while the roads are cleared. Preparedness is key to enjoying this relaxed lifestyle.

Be ready and willing to respect nature

The Laurentians hold some of the most spectacular landscapes in Canada. Living in the area means sharing that beautiful space with wildlife that knows no boundaries. They are a vital part of the ecosystem, just like forests and waterways – they all must be respected and protected in order for nature to keep on thriving.

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