Maximize your Land Purchase with Professional Land Development Consulting

L'automne Laurentides

Whether you are purchasing a single lot or a tract of land in the Laurentians, you can benefit from Carignan Real Estate’s land development consulting services. As an ethical land developer, we have established professional working relationships with specialized lawyers, surveyors, urbanists, civil engineers, and biologists with whom we collaborate to ensure a flawless development experience.

Customized Land Development Consulting Services for Single Home Builders and Developers

With the benefit of our 30+ years of working in the Laurentians and our land developing consulting services working for you, your new home or land development project will happen faster and with less stress.

Services Provided to Single Home Builders:

  • Aiding in selecting the best possible building site on your land
  • Preparation of paperwork required to obtain necessary building permits
  • Planning and supervision of driveway construction
  • Building site preparation including clearing, excavation and landscaping

Services Provided to Owners of Large Tracts of Vacant Land:

  • Optimal development potential determination
  • Environmental impact study
  • Subdivision project design
  • Planning, coordination and supervision of road construction, hydro and communication services
  • Negotiation with municipal and provincial authorities to obtain necessary permits
  • Lot marketing and promotion
  • Zoning modification demands

For expert land development consulting services in the Laurentians to maximize your investment, contact Carignan real estate