Expert Laurentians Real Estate Broker with Over 30 Years of Experience

L'hivers dans les Laurentides

Since 1979, Jean-Pierre Carignan, has honed his education and expertise to become an award-winning real estate broker and land developer in the Laurentians and surrounding areas. In 1994, after growing a successful Laurentians real estate firm, he sold the well-known franchise to concentrate his efforts on the sale and development of small and large land tracts. Throughout his storied real estate career in the Laurentians, Jean-Pierre has developed strong working relationships with a multitude of professionals and put together a complete team including land surveyors, civil engineers, notaries, urbanists, biologists and lawyers specializing in municipal bylaws. Over the years, he has refined the art of land development using the latest in technology and ethical building practices.

A Storied Laurentians Real Estate Development Career

Jean-Pierre Carignan has been actively involved in the acquisition of large and small tracts of land for domestic and foreign investors, with more than a dozen large-scale developments to his credit. Using the latest technology in topographical mapping, he uses LIDAR to design projects that are particularly suited to the land topography, saving time and money for his investors. The 3-D imaging allows for precision in planning the optimal building sites, driveway and road profiles as well as future landscaping for subdivisions and other development projects. Once a design has been completed, Jean-Pierre verifies the design on site with an ultra-precise GPS system.

Put the expertise and technological experience earned through more than 30 years in Laurentians real estate to work for your land development project. Contact Carignan Real Estate today.